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A straight, white and full smile is nearly universally desired. Healthy looking teeth impact our confidence in interacting and engaging with others and may even impact the interaction, itself. Some research shows that white teeth signal health and vitality to others and that they make you more approachable in their eyes. If you have a smile that you feel looks good, it’s likely that you’ll feel great, too.

Cosmetic dentistry is an evolving field of study that is producing more and more ways to improve your smile each and every year. We are proud to offer a number of cosmetic services at our clinic. If you think you’d like to improve your smile, speak with your dentist about what options are best for you. Teeth that you’re proud of may be much easier to achieve than you had thought! Beautiful teeth are achievable at any age.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening requires the right ingredients in the right concentration to be effective. Without it, you could experience tooth sensitivity without the results you’re looking for. To get the most out of your investment, have your whitening treatments done at your dental clinic. Clinics are better equipped to prevent chemical burns and tooth sensitivity.


For imperfections, chips and small breaks, your dentist may recommend dental bonding. This service uses a tintable compound to reshape the tooth or smooth its surface. The compound is paintable and buildable, meaning that it can be made thicker with more application. Bonding can even be used to close gaps between teeth.

In preparation for this service your dentist will offer local anesthetic and will prepare the teeth for bonding by etching the surface of the natural tooth with an electric file. A rougher surface means that bonding can better adhere to the tooth, giving you a more lasting result.

Dental Services

Following a root canal, crowns are often used to return strength and form to a compromised tooth. Without a crown, there is not enough tooth material to distribute bite forces evenly and teeth would break as a result. A crown is made from composite resin and is made in your unique shade and shape of tooth. Crowns are cemented over prepared teeth and provide full coverage to the gum line.


When a tooth is lost, a bridge can help fill the gap between teeth by anchoring a false tooth in its place. Since there is no tooth to anchor to, dentists prepare and place crowns on either side of the tooth gap before mounting the false tooth to the adjacent teeth on either side. This provides the illusion of a full dental arch and precise colour-matching means your bridge looks as natural as anywhere else in your mouth.


If you are looking for a long-term solution for tooth loss that will return and support jaw health, dental implants may be the right service for you. Implants are surgically placed titanium rods which take the place of a natural root in the socket. Once the bone and false root are fused, a false tooth can be attached to the false root. The result is a false tooth that maintains bone density and effective chewing, while looking and feeling just like a natural tooth.

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