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iTero Scanner

iTero® Digital Scanner

Dentists and dental researchers are always working to find new ways to make dental appointments more convenient, comfortable and effective. Whether that means digital forms that can be filled out prior to your arrival or crowns while you wait, technology facilitates much of what the modern dentist spends his or her day doing. 

Information Collected

Among the most significant additions to our patient services is the iTero® digital scanner. This oral scanner collects a significant amount of information about your teeth in only a few minutes while it is directed around your mouth with your dentist’s skilled hand. The amount of information collected, and the exceptional level of accuracy means that the need for dental forms and putty has been virtually eliminated.

What is the iTero® Digital Scanner?

iTero® is a hand-held device that eliminates the mess and challenges of putty, and digital accuracy means that crowns, aligners, night guards and sports guards (to name only a few) can all be custom made based on your iTero® digital scan – and all pain-free. Patients and dentists benefit from the digital simulation of your teeth which is available to view and discuss in a matter of minutes. The iTero® scanner is a radiation-free device that adds so much to the patient-dentist dialogue. If you are tired of putty impressions, call us to book your first iTero-facilitated checkup.

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Where putty impressions were an important part of making restorations for patients for many years, we see few patients sad to see it go. Putty impressions were performed by lining metal dental trays with putty compound and pressing it onto the dental arch to form a mould from which your restorations could be made. Air pockets and a number of other factors often required several tries, and patients with narrow or shallow dental arches often complained of metal trays cutting into their soft tissues. Many patients found taking these impressions challenging, since putty was pressed out of the trays and often toward the back of the mouth and soft palate.

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